Filterbags come in different configurations and construction materials. The flow direction is normally from the inside out. A perforated basket in the housing prevents the bag from expanding due to the pressure difference.

The typical maximum pressure difference is usually around 1.7 bar. The dirt collection capacity of a typical filterbag with an EF of 0.37 to 0.41 m2 gradually varies with a construction made of mesh or felt to single-layer or multi-layer construction to a pleated filterbag, which strongly resembles a filter cartridge. Reason for the increase in dirt collection capacity is the EFA. The EFA of pleated bags increases significantly from 0.4 m2 for a standard filterbag to 4.2 m2 for a pleated bag.

This flow rate value per filterbag drops as the filterbag becomes smaller or has finer filtration.


  • Broad range of filter bags that can be used in virtually all existing filter housings.
  • All solids remain in the bag thanks to inside to outside filtration.
  • Fast, clean easy to change.
  • Available in many different micronages and a full range of materials for a maximum fluid compatibility.
  • Easy operation.
  • Low operational costs
  • Retrofits for all brands and types


  • Paint & coatings
  • Chemical applications
  • Food & Beverage
  • Waste water
  • Ink industry
  • Produced water from gas drilling
  • Surface water
  • Acids & solvents
  • Gels, amines and glycols
  • Process water
  • Pre-filtration RO



  • Polypropylene felt
  • Nylon felt
  • Nylon monofilament
  • Polypropylene extended life felt
  • Polyester extended life felt

Fixing Materials

  • Carbon Steel ring
  • Stainless Steel ring
  • Polypropylene ring
  • Polypropylene welseal
  • Polyester welseal


Bag Inside Diameter

  • 7″ (180 mm)

Length filterbags

  • L1: 17″(435 mm)
  • L2: 32″ (810 mm)
  • L3: 9″ (230 mm)
  • L4: 14″ (355 mm)

Filtration area

  • L1: 2.7 ft2 (0,25 m2 )
  • L2: 5.4 ft2 (0,50 m2 )
  • L3: 8.6 ft2 (0,80 m2 )
  • L4: 1.3 ft2 (0,12 m2 )

Filtration Rating

  • Felt 1-200 micron
  • Monofilament 1-1500 micron

Maximum recommended process conditions


  • See datasheet

Change Out ∆P

  • 37 psi (2,5 bar)

Flow Rate

  • Depends on selectivity and viscosity

Product information

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