OILBLOCK™ absorption candles are specially manufactured for the highly efficient removal of freely dispersed oils in water. Typical applications include bilge water treatment, contaminated excess surface water and many other similar industrial process applications.

The filter cartridge is made of modified polymer that chemically binds the hydrocarbons. As a result of the chemical bond, the oil can no longer escape, which it can do with physical adsorption.

The OILBLOCK™ absorption cartridges are unparalleled in both dirt collection capacity (2 kg/40” cartridge) and optimal flow rate (1 m3/h). These properties make it the ideal filter cartridge to purify your water from hydrocarbon residues.

  • 99% removal of oils (both dispersed and dissolved) in single pass.
  • No bypass possible
  • High flow rates
  • Unparalleled dirt collection capacity

Product information

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