Membrane filters liquid

Filtration based on microporous membrane technology is an amazing technology to achieve validated microbial purity under standard conditions with a high reliability.

Retention of contamination mainly occurs on the surface area of the membrane. For this reason, membrane filters have less dirt collection capacity than depth filters, but offer reliable protection and low resistance with fine filtration. That is why membrane filters are used as end filters for critical applications.

M-Filter supplies membrane filters that meet the highest requirements:

  • Produced in ISO class 7 cleanrooms
  • Individually tested for integrity before purchase
  • Rinsed with pharmaceutical water (18 MΩ)
  • Provided with lot and serial number for traceability
  • Inline testable for integrity

Features and benefits:

  • Biologically inert
  • Unprecedentedly high throughput capacity
  • Unprecedentedly high flow rates
  • Validated microbial retention

M-Filter offers a very extensive range: double-layer or single-layer membranes, modified polyethersulfone (PES), membranes with integrated pre-filter, membranes with extra EFA. Learn more about membranes per application and discover the benefits of M-Filter.

Product information

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