High Flow Filters

Standard filter cartridges are normally available up to 40” long. This is because the diameter of the cartridge is the flow-limiting factor at a certain point. The outer diameter of a standard filter cartridge is 2.5”. High-flow cartridges are cartridge filters with a larger diameter to be able to process higher flow rates. The typical outer diameter of HF cartridges are 6” in diameter and the cartridges themselves can be up to 60” long to achieve flow rates of 120 m3/h per element at a pressure drop of <50 mbar for aqueous liquids.

The application of high-flow cartridges is an excellent alternative for a multi-cartridge system or filterbags. For instance, the 40” MegaFlow® achieves the same capacity as 8 standard 40” cartridge filters under the same conditions.

The advantages of high-flow cartridges compared to a multi-cartridge system are:

  • Less downtime
  • Reduction of installation, maintenance and operational costs
  • Lower disposable costs
  • Reduction of filtration system size by up to 50%

Product information

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