ClariCap GS (Microglassfibre)

ClariCap GS capsule filter with the medium microglassfibre is a multi-layer capsule filter with high throughput, specially designed for cloudy and solutions that are difficult to filter. The microfibre medium is designed to retain colloidal particles and to remove aqueous, non-aqueous and microorganisms from liquids.

Downstream, this filter has a polypropylene layer to prevent media migration. The high dirt absorption capacity, biochemical inertness and adsorption makes it suitable for clarification and pre-filtration of a wide range of aqueous, non-aqueous and biological solutions.

To be used for:

  • Pre-filtration of drug solutions that are hard to filter
  • Precipitate removal with protein processing and plasma fractions
  • Removal of undissolved buffer salts and cell culture media
  • Pre-filtration of serum and other ‘sticky’ biological drugs
  • Cloudy solutions

Product Information

Cover brochure ClariCap GS