Capsule Filters

Capsule filters are easy to use because they are complete filters, a filter element and housing (made of plastic) in one. It is also called a self-sustaining filter.

Replacement of capsule filters is less sensitive to cross-contamination compared to, for instance, cartridge filtration, which makes it a fantastic filtration product for extremely critical applications.

The medium to be filtered can both be sucked in or pushed through the filter, the flow direction is always indicated with an arrow.

Capsule filters can be made in sizes of 1 inch up to 30 inch long. This also applies to the pore size of the membrane, which can vary from 0.05 μm to 30 or 40 μm and is available in various materials such as PES, PTFE, Nylon, Fibreglass, PP and other materials. The choice of material depends, among other things, on the medium to be filtered.

M-Filter is happy to help you select the optimal capsule filter. M-Filter also has extensive experience in the field of custom-made filtration products for OEM.

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