Wine filtration

Our products and solutions are specially developed to deliver the desired performance at every stage in the production process. In combination with protecting the unique characteristics of your wine, we increase the efficiency of your processes and give producers and bottlers more control over their processes. Wine filtration.

Both traditional and modern wine producers have been working with us and our partners for over 30 years to achieve the process and quality requirements they desire. Our proven range combined with specialist knowledge of the wine production process help us and our partners offer value-added solutions. By providing these solutions, we give wine producers more control over their process. This results in the increased quality of their wine. We guarantee producers a reduction of production costs per litre of filtered product.

Every wine brand has its own specific characteristics that must be maintained at all times. Filtration will always be necessary to ensure that the removal of spoilage-causing elements such as yeast cells, bacteria, unwanted proteins, and amorphous solids does not damage the character and body of the wine. Despite the need for filtration, this process must not affect the essential characteristics with which a brand can distinguish itself, such as taste and colour.

Features wine filtration

  • Filter aid/diatomaceous earth filters
  • Removal of yeast and other fermenting by-products prior to bottling
  • Post-filter for removal of microbial contamination that can cause spoilage
  • Clarification filters to produce a clear and aesthetic end product that meets your requirements
  • Filtration of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) products for sparkling wines
  • Bottle cleaning and water filtration

Product Information

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