Bottled water

Multinationals and smaller producers of bottled water from around the world have been working together successfully with our brands for over 30 years to achieve their desired quality and production requirements.

Every bottled water production process is unique due to the differences in things like brand style, local legislation of the intended market and the source of the water itself. These differences affect the expected performance of the filtration system. This is why M-Filter offers a wide range to be able to improve any production process.

By understanding the specific requirements for each phase of the production process of bottled water, we focus on providing value-added filtration solutions These filtration solutions connect with our philosophy, which is: offering process improvements, reducing waste and reducing your processing costs per litre of end product.


  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filter pre-filtration
  • Removal of carbon particles downstream from carbon beds or carbon filters
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia cyst reduction
  • End filter protection
  • Removal of particles in the cleaning systems bottle
  • Tank vent filters to prevent the penetration of microbes such as fungi and bacteria

Product Information

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