Biologicals are pharmaceutical products that contain proteins that originate from biotechnology and work as active substances.

Throughout the years, a large number of different biomolecules and their roles in different biochemical processes have been researched. This has resulted in many different types of biologicals for different applications in the field of therapeutic and medical diagnostics.

These can be classified into the following groups, but are certainly not limited to them.

  • Plasma-fractionated products
  • Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Vaccinations

The production processes of most biologicals consist of four major contiguous parts, namely: cell culture and fermentation, harvesting and determination, purification, aseptic filling and finishing.

M-filter offers a very broad range of microfiltration products for media preparation, sterile venting, clarification of the cell harvest, reduction of biological load and sterilisation of different liquid flows in both the upstream and downstream processes.

Mammalian Cell Culture
Media preparation
Sterile venting
Harvesting and Clarification
Mammalian Cell Culture Clarification
Microbial fermentation Broth Clarification
Downstream processing
Aseptic filling and finishing
Sterilisation of buffer
Sterilisation of product
Sterilisation or air/gases
Steriele Venting