Harvester Funnel

The Harvester Funnel from supplier MDI is an innovation in the field of cell harvesting. First of all, it makes the very time-consuming centrifugation of cell harvests superfluous by clarifying up to one litre of mammalian cell harvests within a few minutes. 

Harvester Funnels are easy to use thanks to a vacuum filtration device. The filter is made of multilayer filter media with ever finer depths. The special design offers high whole cell charging capacity and high retention efficiency for cell fragments, organelles, colloids and lipids to provide effective protection for 0.2 µm downstream filters.  

Important to know: initially use the harvest funnel at a low vacuum of <50 mmHg to keep frothing to a minimum and gradually increase as needed. 

The Harvester Funnel is available in a non-sterile version and a gamma sterile version. In addition, the bottle is available in a 500 ml version and a 1 L version. 

Harvester Mini

Harvester Mini Funnel is a unique vacuum filtration device that enables clarification of up to 50 ml of mammalian cell harvests or microbial lysates, eliminating time-consuming centrifugation steps. 

The special design with large filter surface in combination with convenient vacuum filtration is also ideal for lab-scale multiple sampling of bioreactors/fermenters in biopharmaceutical R&D to monitor the cell culture/fermentation process. 

  • 50 ml mammalian cell harvest clarification of 10-15 million cells/ml 
  • Clarification of microbial lysates up to 50 ml 

Advantages include:

  • Multilayer, increasingly fine filter media for:
  • High load capacity for cells
  • High retention efficiency for cell fragments, organelles, colloids and lipids
  • Large filter area for faster filtration
  • Minimal losses with low hold volumes

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