The AseptiVac is a range of sterile vacuum filters that you can attach to both plastic and glass bottles by means of a cap in which a unique pleated filter cartridge is built in. This filter cartridge is made of Polyether sulfone (PES) and is hydrophobic so you can pause and restart the filtration without air lock. This is a unique feature and results in material, time and labour savings.   

The large filter surface (100 cm2 or 170 cm2) in the device ensures that a high flow and low protein binding can be achieved, thus enabling high flow rate filtration. This device is also ideal for use in difficult to filter solutions in biopharmaceutical and life-science research laboratories. The device has many more advantages, the most important one being the filtration time. 

The conically shaped filter cartridge lets air bubbles move away from the diaphragm, preventing diaphragm blocking problems. 


  • KL AseptiVac: Single layer vacuüm filtration unit
  • KS AseptiVac: Double layered serial vacuüm filtration unit
  • NS AseptiVac: Nylon-66 variant
  • Mini AseptiVac: With a capacity of 50mL per funnel


Vacuum filters find application in cell expression laboratories and process development laboratories in biopharmaceutical R&D for sterile filtration of:

  • Pure Sera
  • Serum solutions
  • Culture media

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