Syringe Filter SYTF/SYTG 

Syringe filter type SYTF has a PTFE membrane in a polypropylene housing. This type of filter is specially developed for use in laboratories for small volume filtration and sample preparation. The PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing also makes it suitable for filtration of very aggressive solvents. 

The PTFE membrane spray filters are also available with a Borosilicate micro-fiberglass pre-filter, type SYTG


  • PTFE membrane
  • Also available with GF pre-filter (SYTG)
  • Broad chemical compatibility: virtually inert
  • Very aggressive solvents
  • HPLC certified
  • Superior HPLC column protection
  • Minimal adsorption

Product Overview

Syringe filter SYTF
Syringe filter SYTG