Syringe Filter SYRC/SYRG

Syringe filter RA, type SYRC, has a regenerated Cellulose membrane in a polypropylene housing. These spray filters primarily contain a special solvent-resistant, low protein binding regenerated cellulose membrane and are also HPLC certified and validated for retention efficiency. 

The spray filters are HPLC certified and validated for retention efficiency. Finally, the spray filters are produced using validated processes (QA/QC) to ensure consistency between different batches. 

Syringe filter with RA membrane are also available with a Borosilicate micro-fiberglass pre-filter, type SYRG. 


  • Regenerated Cellulose membrane
  • Also available with GF pre-filter (SYRG)
  • High retention efficiency
  • 16 channels for minimal back pressure
  • High throughput
  • HPLC certified
  • Heat sealed to ensure ‘no leaching’
  • No first rinse is required

Product Overview

Syringe filter SYRC
Syringe filter SYRG