Syringe Filter SYCA/SYCG

Syringe filter CA, type SYCA, has a Cellulose Acetate membrane in a polypropylene housing. This type of spray filter is characterised by its very low protein binding. 

The spray filters are HPLC-certified and validated for retention efficiency. In addition, the spray filters are produced using validated processes (QA/QC) to ensure consistency between different batches. 

The Cellulose Acetate membrane spray filters are also available with a Borosilicate micro-fiberglass pre-filter, type SYCG


  • Cellulose Acetate membrane
  • Also available with GF pre-filter (SYCG)
  • High retention efficiency
  • 16 channels for minimal back pressure
  • High throughput
  • HPLC certified
  • Heat sealed to ensure, for example, ‘no leaching’
  • No first rinse is required

Product Overview

Syringe filter SYCA
Syringe filter SYCG