Filter paper

M-Filter offers quality ash-free and technical filter paper for general lab and industrial applications. The different classes of cellulose filters offer different qualities in e.g. purity, hardness and chemical resistance. Folded filter paper is also part of M-Filter’s range. 

After production, each batch is first tested for weight, thickness and flow rate. It is also tested for mechanical strength to ensure consistent quality. Typical applications include sample clarification or precipitate recovery for material identification or quantitative analysis in the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental and food processing industries. 

Types of filter paper:

  • 663/5000Absorbent paper with polyethylene
  • Absorbent filter papers
  • Activated carbon filter paper
  • Antibiotics test papers
  • Rolling papers
  • Chromatography Papers
  • Cytocentrifuge papers
  • Low-dust filter paper
  • Filter paper, low phosphate
  • Sugar analysis filter paper
  • Filter paper, general use
  • Beer and malt analysis filter paper
  • Filters for glass fiber fibers
  • Kieselguhr filter paper
  • Lens cleaning paper
  • Moisture test papers
  • pH – Indicator papers
  • Qualitative filter papers
  • Qualitative filter paper, wet strength
  • Quantitative filter papers
  • Quantitative filter papers, wet strength
  • Quartz fiber filters
  • Seed test papers
  • Technical filter papers
  • Weighing boat
  • Weighing paper