Steridisc Dispenser

Steridisc Dispenser is first and foremost an advanced instrument for opening individually packaged membrane disc filters from the pre-sterilised rolls. 

This completely new fully automatic dispenser with electronic control is also very easy to operate. The push button makes the dispenser very user friendly. It delivers individually packaged sterile membranes and simultaneously unwinds the roll. 

The stainless steel clamps hold the end of the packaging material (paper on one side and the plastic film on the other side) in place while opening the membrane filter. As a result, there is no contact with the membrane whatsoever. 

Finally, a special feature of the Steridisc Dispenser is the foot pedal, which provides an easy hands-free way of operation for the microbiologist. 

Advantages include:

  • Dosing automatic unit
  • Less handling time
  • None by uneven contamination
  • Easy loading of membrane roll
  • Small and portable
  • Can be used with a push button or with the foot pedal
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Product Information