Edge Hydrophobic cellulose nitrate membrane disc filters 

Edge Hydrophobic CN membrane disc filters are primarily used for sterility testing of bacteriostatic antibiotics and medicines. The 6 mm hydrophobic edge also prevents the medicine from seeping under the edge of the filter holder during filtration. This ensures complete removal of the medicine during rinsing, so that the growth of any microorganisms retained on the membrane is not inhibited by the remaining medicine, improving the sensitivity and reliability of the test. 

Cost reduction is also possible by reducing or eliminating antibiotic-breaking enzymes. 

Finally, the filters are also produced in a facility with an ISO-9001: 2008 certified quality management system. 

Available micronages: 0.45μm

Available diameters: 47mm

Features include:

  • Cellulose nitrate membrane
  • High flow rates
  • Hydrophobic edge
  • Absolute retention


  • Sterility testing of antibiotics and medicines containing bacteriostats
  • Product microbiology of antibiotics and medicines containing bacteriostats

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