Centrifuge Filter CFPL (PES)

Centrifuge filter CFPL made of Polyether sulfone (PES) membrane are intended for high-performance laboratory applications such as sterilisation, purification, particle removal and clarification of proteinaceous solutions. Polyether sulfone membrane shows a very low protein binding and ensures maximum recovery of the sample. 

These are small filtration devices made of pigment-free polypropylene outer tube with snap-fit cap. A smaller pigment-free polypropylene tube with thermally sealed polyether sulfone membrane filters (PES) is also placed in the outer tube. The liquid to be filtered is placed in the smaller housing for filtration. 

The filter is designed for use with a centrifugal machine in which the centrifugal force generated by the machine results in filtration. 

Features include:

  • Ready for use
  • Very low protein binding
  • Rapid sample preparation
  • Maximum sample recovery
  • Biologically inert building material
  • Ease of use
  • Parallel filtration of more than one samples

Product Information