Adhesive mats 

An adhesive mat, also called a sticky mat, tacky mat or cleanroom mat, is a mat with an adhesive surface that can be placed in front of an entrance or exit of a certain room. The purpose of the adhesive mat is to prevent contamination in a room. This is not only limited to the underside of shoes when entering a room, but also, for example, driving carts that are driven over the adhesive mat before entering the room. 

There are two types of adhesive mats, namely the temporary adhesive mat and the permanent adhesive mat. M-Filter offers the temporary adhesive mat, because a permanent adhesive mat is subject to maintenance. These mats, mostly made of a polymer based on polyester, need to be washed frequently with a mop and some detergent. This labour-intensive work is not necessary with a temporary adhesive mat because it consists of several layers. If a layer is dirty, the layer can be peeled off and thrown away. This creates a new layer of adhesive mat. Up to 30 layers are possible. 

Names: Adhesive Mat, Sticky Mat, Tacky Mat, Cleanroom Mat 

Applications include: 

  • Cleanrooms in, for example, a hospital, laboratory or other places where semiconductors and medicines are manufactured 
  • Spray shops 
  • Photo studios 
  • Construction sites 
  • Other areas where products or processes need to be protected against substances 

M-Filter offers 1 type of (temporary) adhesive mat in the size 66×114 cm. This adhesive mat has 30 layers and comes in packages of 8 pieces.