GSF Gas filters

GSF Gas filters general

The filter cartridges for dedusting natural gas are designed and created in accordance with the standards: MSW-12-E (Nederlandse Gasunie), NEN1059 and the KVGN supplement. In addition, the cartridges can be used for a wide range of process and other technical gases.

The standard cartridges have dimensions that can be used in the majority of conventional makes. Moreover, it is possible to resize the cartridges for the desired (process-dependent) situation based on the standards and/or guidelines.


The standard cartridges are cylindrically provided with a double open end. The filter medium is pleated between a body, a support pipe and the end rings. These cartridges work from the outside in. The filter medium is a polyester needle felt that has a 3D effect due to its structure. The filtration takes place both in depth and on the surface, which guarantees a long service life for a stationary filter.

Scope of application

The filter cartridges for the filtration of natural gas are used in control stations in categories A, B and C.

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