GSF Filterplates

M-Filter has a good reputation in the new construction and repair of both circular and rectangular GSF filterplates for most pressure filter types, for makes such as: AMA, USF, STOCKDALE, TWIN, SPARKLER, LFC and others.

New replacement plates

M-Filter builds new replacement plates in accordance with the applicable standards and for your specific application. This is based on extensive expertise in the field of filter construction and first-class materials.

Revised filterplates

It is often the case with filter plates that only the filter mesh is damaged or worn. For economical reasons, it may be decided to revise the filter plates. Parts such as the spout, vibrating blocks, hub and inner mesh can often be cleaned and replaced. The filter mesh and the surrounding profile are replaced, creating a virtually new filter plate that meets the original criteria.

Applications of the filter plates

Food industry, for instance:

  • Treatment of edible oil
  • Refining of sugar
  • Animal fats
  • Cocoa
  • Beer
  • Chemical and process industry:



                        Water glass

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